Something Worth Reading…

I read a lot, as in a lot. I read during my free time. I read most of the time in the bath room. I read before I sleep. I read during vacation trips. I’m really addictive in reading anything! I really had more time sleeping, eating, surfing the net and reading after I resigned from office. I’ve been reading Heartbeat by Danielle Steel since last week, and still enjoying it. I love the twist of the story. It is really one amazing novel that will not disappoint the readers.

Kat gave me this book, The Dictionary of Love by John Stark, Will Hopkins  and Mary K. Baumann, as a gift, last Sunday, May 3, 2009. I saw this book in a book sale in National Bookstore, Cybermall in Eastwood, Libis. I really like the book since the first time I saw it. Maybe because…it’s about love. I decided not to buy it because I’ve been spending a lot in my job requirements. I just told Kat that I’m interested in the book and planned to buy it soon. I was surprised that she looked for the book herself and buy it for me!
 The Dictionary of Love is a three hundred-page book that gets to the heart of the matter. It’s all about anything you’ve ever wanted to know about love including love songs, poems, history, law books, sex manuals, medical and psychology texts, folklore, modern science, cookbooks, classical literature, Internet dating sites, TV shows, and today’s slang. I’d be happy to share some here in my blog. If you want to say “I love you” in thousands of unexpected ways, this is the best book to read. For guys, you can give it as a gift to ladies in additional to flowers and chocolates.
This is really one interesting book anyone can enjoy anytime.
Thanks Kat!