Starbucks Planner 2009: Selling Like Hotcakes!!!

starbucksStarbucks usually starts its promo sticker cards during November of every year. As part of the promo, you have to collect 16 stickers by purchasing a beverage and other products, and get a Starbucks planner for free upon the completion. I was not able to get the planner in 2008 because I gave my sticker card to Kat’s cousin. I have seen the Starbucks planner 2008 and I loved the design. I decided to collect stickers last November to get the Starbucks planner for 2009 because I know that Starbucks will be producing a well-designed planner again. I have completed my sticker card last year with the help of some friends and office mates. My office mate asked me a favor to buy a tumbler as an exchange gift for our Christmas party, so I went to Starbucks in Trinoma where I also saw the Starbucks planner for 2009 for the first time:


I didn’t like the design that much but it’s okay. I loved the idea of it having 3 colors: red, black blue. Starbucks planner for this year looks more simple and professional compared to the Starbucks planner in 2008 which is more artsy and stylish:


I completed my sticker card in Starbucks, SM Fairview last December 25, 2008. I rushed to Starbucks the next day only to find out that there’s no more planner left for me. Out-of-stock!!! So I tried other Starbucks branches: SM Megamall, Shangrila, Podium, Trinoma – still haven’t got one. Starbucks informed their customers that the next arrival of planners is January 16, 2009. Me and my family went to Robinson’s Manila last January 18, 2009, to eat and relax a bit. I passed by a Starbucks there to get my planner but it’s out-of-stock again!!! So the attendant told me that if I really want to get the planner, I should make a reservation and give my contact no. for them to inform me the availability of the planner. I was also able to get the free drink coupon on that day where you can get a free drink of any beverage of any size.

I received a text from Starbucks, Robinson’s Manila, last January 20, 2009:

“Dear Sir/Maam. Thank you for making this year’s planner promotion a success. Due to the overwhelming response, we have unexpectedly experienced a shortage of planners. We have placed another order to arrive by March 20. We apologize for the delay and as a token of our appreciation and your understanding, we will be including a Starbucks bag with your reserved planner. We sincerely apologize and thank you for your continued patronage and understanding. – Starbucks Robinson’s Place”

From January 16 to March 20?? I availed my free drink, Chocolate Cream Chip (Venti), that day.

FYI: I found out from the attendant that the kind of bag that Starbucks will be giving with the planner is a body bag.

Honestly, it’s okay with me to get the planner late and not use it since I’m enjoying using my Cosmo’s 2009 Date Book now, but for others…it’s not. What if they really want to use the planner but still haven’t got one up to now? This might irritate others because they will be using their Starbucks planner in March if they get one. =) Don’t worry guys, there’s another freebie included, be one of those who will be using the Starbucks body bag exclusively.


COSMO’s 2009 Date Book

040120097824I’ve been a reader of Cosmopolitan magazine for 2 years now. I buy it every month because it really provides a lot of information when it comes to fashion, health, women and men issues, work-related issues and other things. Cosmo brought back its Cosmopolitan 2009 Date Book this year. I bought one in St. Francis Square for P200 last December and I’m using it now. It’s a planner really made for women. The design is so stylish and colorful. “Kikay” I must say. It’s a must-have for a woman who wants to plan and organize her busy life.


1. Favorite Pictures Page. If you’re the type of person who loves pictures, you can put some pictures here that you really love seeing for you to see them everyday.

2. Important Dates Page. This is the page where you can write those important dates for events like birthdays, meeting, gimmicks and others.

3. Period PLotter. Since this is really for women, this page is about period plotting. It comes with a period-plotting calendar where you can record the dates when you get your flow and jot down the span of each menstrual period. It’s useful in monitoring your cycle.

4. Quotations and Sayings, Thought of the Month. Every month, there is a quotation or saying featured every month…and quotations and sayings as you scan the pages.

5. Personality Enhancement and Beauty Tips Page. This date book will also help you become beautiful inside and out.

6. Notes Page. This is the page where you can write anything.

7. Date Page. This is the page of specific dates where you can write anything that happen within the day. You can write some reminders or notes. It’s like the diary section of your date book.

8. Celebrities’ Birthday. In this date book,the birthdays of your favorite local and Hollywood celebrities are also written below each dates.

9. Zodiac Signs Forecast. If you are in to zodiac signs, this page is for you. A forecast is given in a zodiac sign every month.

10. Budget Tracker. This is the page where you can write down all your expenses within the month. In this way, you can track if you’re spending a lot of money or not.

11. Sticker Page. This date book includes stickers which you can use in marking birthdays, salon days, travels, girls’ night outs, even in public holidays.

12. Discounts and Freebies Page. We all love discounts and freebies! This page, I can say, is what I love the most and others will love too. It offers discount coupons and freebies in different stores that you can avail this year:

10% on cash and credit purchase on all Tomato regular-priced items (January 1 – December 31, 2009)

FREE photo session worth P500 and P200 discount on photo printing in Blow-Up Babies Full Production Photography (January 1 – December 31, 2009)

10% off on food and beverages on UCC Coffee except for breakfast meals, promotional items and merchandise. Valid with a minimum purchase of P500 (January 1 – December 31, 2009)

FREE cup of equal value for every cup purchased of authentic Italian frozen yogurt dessert on White Hat (January 1 – December 31, 2009)

FREE pack of genuine Swarovski crystals for every gadget wrapped on Gmask (January 1 – December 31, 2009)

5% off on cash and credit purchases of regular-priced books in Powerbooks (January 1 – December 31, 2009)

15% on Make Up For Ever products (January 1 – December 31, 2009)

10% off on cash and charge purchases of regular items and FREE Natural Beauty Make-Over from The Natural Source Australian Naturopathic Beauty (January 1 – December 31, 2009)

FREE complimentary beauty makeover from Lancome Colour Expert flus a fragrance vial at the Lancome flagship store at Greenbelt 5 (January 1 – December 31, 2009)

5% off on all regular-priced items with a minimum purchase of P1,000 in all Chocolate Clothing branches (January 1 – December 31, 2009)

20% on hair detoxification or 50% off on Japanese Rebonding in Philosophy by Mikaela Salon branches (January 1 – June 30, 2009)

15% off on Laser Hair Removal in all Belo Medical Clinics (January 1 – March 31, 2009)

20% off on regular priced B Club items in all B Club branches (January 1 – December 31, 2009)

10% on all VMV make up products and/or FREE product vials for simply dropping by in all VMV Skin Specialist (January 1 – December 31, 2009)

10% off on cash or card purchases with a minimum purchase of P995 in all free-standing Flojos stores (January 1 – December 31, 2009)

I love this COSMO’s 2009 DATE BOOK! Buy it now! I know you’ll love it too! =)


Let’s Go Shopping!!!

Women love shopping!
Women loves clothes!
Women shop for clothes.
Nowadays, women are too busy with their careers that they don’t even have time to go to the malls and shops. For them who are making it big in the corporate world, shopping in the malls is such a big hassle. We all know that women spend a lot of their time when they buy clothes so shopping is not as simple as dropping by in the mall for minutes and simply buying the things that they like. Shopping for women is spending hours and money for everything that they want. That’s why some men prefer not to join women while shopping because men definitely know how long it will take before they finally finish their shopping. When I shop, I just don’t buy the first clothes that I see. I roam around before buying anything because I might find a better one, but what if you’re one of those busy career woman who has no enough time to go to the mall and shop?

No problemo!

We live in a world where internet is widely used worldwide. Internet has been a big help to people that it can be used even for shopping? Yes it is! It is called online shopping. Isn’t it great? This is hassle-free because you don’t need to go to the malls anymore and join the crowd to shop. I was surfing the net last night and saw the latest trends of clothes for women in ShopWiki. I find the website interesting and helpful especially for women clothes in style. I’m really a bag-oholic, also saw their bags for women. I love their bags! If you’re also looking for sandals, you’ll love their different designs of sandals for women.

Shopping will never be as easy as shopping in ShopWiki because anything and everything are for sale in there! I’ll be shopping clothes, bags and sandals for myself too. No more hassles, shop now! Enjoy shopping! I know you will. =)


Check This Out: Condomi Paper Bags

I was listening to Magic 89.9 radio show, Good Times with Mo, Mojo and Grace Lee, this morning. DJ Mo mentioned about this erotic shop in Germany named Condomi which provides unique and humorous paper bags to its buyers. Mojo and Grace Lee screamed and laughed on air when Mo showed them the paper bags. Me being curious, I searched the images of the Condomi paper bags in Google:



The erotic store printed the barely bottoms of men and women in their bags, with the handle cut out directly in the crotch area of the image. Anyone seeing a person carrying the bag will think that he/she is doing some sexual act.


This is good marketing strategy for Condomi because their paper bags are attracting more attention in the streets driving more people to buy in their store.


Top 10 of Everything 2009: TOP 10 SPORTS FILM

1. Cars* (2006) – Car racing

2. Rocky IV (1985) – Boxing

3. Million Dollar Baby (2004) – Boxing

4. Space Jam* (1996) – Basketball

5. The Longest Yard (2005) – American football

6. The Waterboy (1998) – American football

7. Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story (2004) – Dodgeball

8. Days of Thunder (1990) – Stock car racing

9. Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby (2006) – NASCAR racing

10. Rocky Balboa (2006) – Boxing



Books, Books, Books!!!

I’ve been into books all my life and still enjoying reading more. I love going to bookstores and enjoy book sales where I can buy books in lesser prices. Here are the books that I bought recently:
Top 10 of Everything 2009
by Russell Ash 
I bought this book last November and gave it as a gift to Kat in her birthday. This cost P715.00. It’s kind of expensive but it’s really worth the price. In addition, I love the design of the book cover. Russell Ash‘s book, Top of Everything, has been published for 20 years now. This book has entertained and educated readers with fascinating facts. Enjoy 7,000 facts in this book that will intrigue and amaze you. It’s a book really worth reading. I’ve been addictive to it and been amazed with everything in it. I’ll be sharing everything here in my blog soon.

Sex: A Natural History

by Joann Ellison Rodgers
06122008724I bought this in a book sale in National Bookstore for P100.00. I find it interesting and affordable. I think I need some serious reading and time to understand this one. If you want to really know about sex, this is a must-read book for you. It talks about the science and strategies of sex explaining what is it makes us male and female, providing fascinating insights into the biology and physiology of flirtation, love, courtship, intercourse, fidelity, parenting, and nurturing. It also talks about sexual theories, what drives our sexual behavior, from why we find a person attractive, to why we cheat on our mates.

Outing Yourself – How to Come Out as Lesbian or Gay to your Family, Friends and Coworkers

by Michelangelo Signorile
06122008722This is another book I bought in the same book sale for P75.00. I’ve started to read this, really an interesting one. This book is all about coming out! Many think that it’s that easy but it’s not! It’s a difficult emotional process, that will continue long after the words are spoken and the secret is out. This book is a 14-step program – complete with exercises, meditation notes, and anger checks, as well as the accounts of the coming out experiences of other lesbians and gay men.

I’ve got lots of books to read this year…and wanting to buy more. I hope to finish reading them all!


HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!!! myspace graphic comments


2008 has come to an end and in comes 2009!

I had a great 2008.

To all my friends and family, thank you for the support and friendship!

Thank you for making it a wonderful year for me!

May all the blessings be with us and our family!

Have a fruitful year for all of us!

I look forward to an exciting 2009 with all of you! =)