Goodbye House!!!

I have already watched the two-hour last episode of House.  Eight (8) seasons in eight (8) years and it’s really sad that a great show like this has come to its end. My boyfriend introduced the existence of the show to me. After watching the first episode, I really got hooked to it. I got familiar with medical terms, treatments and symptoms watching the show. Here are the things that I love about House:

  • Tthe character of House – being the sarcastic, egoistic and selfish physician. It was quoted that House is the modern Sherlock Holmes. I find him very irritating but he’s still House, the magnificent diagnostician.
  • Franks, bets and drug addiction of House
  • House and Cuddy‘s complicated relationship
  • Friendship of House and Wilson – me and my boyfriend called it “gayish”
  • Imprisonment of House
  • Pretty, handsome and witty physicians – Cameron, Thirteen, Adams, Chase and Foreman
  • Comic characters of Park, Taub and Kutner
  • Amber and Kautner’s death
  • Discovery of Wilson’s cancer
  • Puzzles behind the stories
I did enjoyed the last episode where House was trapped in a building with fire and he was able to talk to Kutner, Amber, Cameron and his ex-wife while hallucinating. Everyone assumed that he was dead after that incident. It was really a sad moment for everyone giving their messages during his eulogy not until Wilson speaks, getting mad and letting everyone knows how bad House is but he suddenly stopped after receiving SMS from House telling him to shut up. He found out that House is not dead. House decided not to let others know that he’s alive and spent his time with Wilson. Watching the whole finale episode, I was also able to see the people behind the production, their efforts, location and happiness of doing the show for eight years. House is one of the best TV shows that I’ve watched and it’s really worth watching. Thumbs up, goodbye House!!!

A House, A Home

I used to live in a big house when I was a child. My parents sold our house because of some financial difficulties. We transferred to my grandmother’s house. I grew up there with my relatives. Many years ago, our house was caught in fire leaving us nothing but ashes. We were able to rebuild our house and stayed there. It’s not easy living in a house that is not ours. From then on, I promised to myself that I will study hard and strive harder so that we can have a house of our own. I want to do this for my mother. It’s not that I don’t want to live with our relatives, it’s just that I want a house that we can call our own, that belongs to us.

What is my dream house? I want to have a two-storey house with four (4) rooms and two (2) bathrooms. The first floor of the house includes the living, dining and kitchen area. The rooms are located on the second floor. The house should be well-ventilated. Home lighting is important to me because I don’t want my house to be dark. So it should have light fixtures like lamps and chandeliers to brighten up and show the beauty of the house and its decorations. Bathroom is one of my favorite part of the house, so a functional and stylish bathroom with colorful designs is what I desire to have. Of course, I want to have high-quality appliances inside the house for us to use. This is my dream house.

I’ve always wanted to have a house of our own for my family. A house is very important for all of us because it’s where we live.

For me, “the main purpose of a house is to make it a home”.

For now, I’m just describing my dream house and in time, I know that I will be able have it and make it a home with my family.