WIN Negosyo Book and get FREE Papemelroti Notebook!

I’ve always been amazed with Papemelroti products especially when I give gifts to my friends and decorate my scrapbooks. It is really a work of art and value!

I have a good news for everyone…

Papemelroti is giving away an Entrepreneur Book and Papemelroti notebook!

Negosyo Book is about the inspiring stories of women who ventured into business including the owners of Papemelroti. This book would be of big help to those people who would love to have their own business. I think I’m one of them!

– link to the Papemelroti Promo post/page using any of your social networks or blogs (Facebook, Friendster, Myspace, Christianster, Twitter, etc)
– leave a comment at the post with a link to your social network links and email address
– make sure your social networks can be viewed publicly

And to get a FREE Pamelroti notebook, you must:
– print out the social networking page where you have made a link to this promo
– present printout to Papemelroti, Glorietta 3 branch
– choose any of the 3 notebook designs, open only to Metro Manila participants

DEADLINE: September 15, 2009, 10:30am

To win the Negosyo Book for entrepreneurs, you must: