Friends Make Your Life Longer

I have known so many people I call friends. I’ve met the worst people – people who lie everyday. People who pretend to be nice but they are not. Be careful with them. They are all around you. People who have nothing but to mind others’ lives or join others in whatever issues. I’m not the sweet or nice type of person who pretends to be nice with everybody for me to gain friends. I’m a friendly person and I love interacting with different people. I look snobbish at first but once you’ve talked to me and we hit with our conversations, that’s the start of a good friendship. I say anything I want, kind of tackless at times. I laugh all the time and enjoy having a good time with my friends. Honestly, friendship is very important to me. I’ll do ways to keep the friendship longer. If you’ve had a ruined friendship because of some nonsense reasons, that’s not friendship at all…that’s bullshit. What I really like about having friends, I’ve got to see and know their attitudes. It’s either you accept it or not but I have learned that no matter how hard you try to accept and understand someone, your effort will be worthless if that someone is really at its worst.

I can say that friendship is the secret to a longer life. I don’t think people who don’t have friends, loners or hates people, have this good or healthy life. Friendships play an important role in maintaining a good health and having a long life especially in times of problems. As of now, social ties are the cheapest medicine we’ve got for everyone. A friend can boost your chances of surviving anything. A friend gives you longer life expectancies. I’ve known some who are isolated from other people and they are not living a happy and healthy life. A friend lessens the suffering from depression, anxiety and other type of mental illnesses. A friend encourages you to take good care of yourself or even takes care of you. A friend calms your fears and gives you hope.  A friend stays with you in any situation or any crisis.

So if you have friends, keep them! It’s hard to find true friends nowadays. =)



It’s my birthday today!

So many friends and office mates have greeted me since this morning, even some long lost friends.
I really love it when the month of June arrives. So many friends remember to greet me in my birthday expecting me to have some celebration.

I celebrated my birthday last night with Kat, her sister (Ate Tess) and her nephew (Gabriel) in their house in Don Antonio Heights, Quezon City. We just ate pancit palabok from Pancit Malabon, sisig, barbeque and cake from Red Ribbon. I’ll have my birthday celebration tonight in our house with my family and Kat of course. A small celebration with my friends and office mates this Sunday, June 22 at Pork Barrel Grill and Restaurant in Kalayaan, Quezon City. We’ll have some drinks, videoke and chatting all night. Me and Lea decided to have our birthday treat in the office on June 27, Lea’s birthday. I’ll meet my college friends to celebrate with them on June 28 in Mall of Asia. Hopefully, our family outing, also part of my birthday celebration, will be held on June 29 or July 6 in 9 Waves Resort in San Mateo, Rizal.  



I think I deserve a gift… 

Just joking!



It is obvious that I really have a long celebration on my birthday for this month. Just want to celebrate my 25 years of living a meaningful and beautiful life with people important to me.