Win Style and Soul’s 2012 Welcome Giveaway!!!

As I was checking blogs online, I saw this blog in the name of Style and Soul. While reading her posts, I discovered that she’s giving away items and prepared 2 packages for her readers. The good thing is the contest is open to local and international readers. Here are the prizes:


1. Printed camera satchel from Izzo Shop

2. Reversible printed-denim shoulder bag from Fab Manila

3. Apparels (4): Gray polo shirt from RegattaHang Ten‘s light brown blouse with peter pan collar, basic black top and orange pleated skirt from Closet Chic

4. Fragrances from Jimmy ChooNina Ricci Elixir and Paco Rabanne (for men) from Prestige Brands Philippines

5. Beauty package: Skin Food bath gel, Nivea facial foam, Lay Bare soothing cream, L’oreal hair care sachets, Human Nature‘s hand and foot salve

6. Trinkets: Hang Ten handkerchief,  Izzo Shop‘s  brown camera strap, Solo tag necklace, Diva feather earrings,  Ashley’s cup cake lip balm / keychain

7. Globe Tattoo stick


1. Purses: Gadgets organizer from Fab Manila, coin purse from  Izzo Shop , Proactive kit

2. Fragrance samples from Gap Core, Moschino Forever, Paris Hilton, Carolina Herrera VIP menBond No. 9 bons (all from Prestige Brands), Poseidon scent with HaKen body butter from Posh Nails

3. Accessories: Tomato watch, Accessorize sun glasses and scarf

4. Apparels (7): Sheer top from Shop Dainty, 2 tops from Closet Chic, 2 ETC shirts, Belle York sleeveless top with peter pan collar and  Hang Ten tee

5. Other items: ETC Glee notebook and tag, Multiply notebook and pens

To join the contest, read the mechanics at Style and Soul’s 2012 Welcome Giveaway! The contest will end on January 7, 2012. Join now!!! 🙂Share/Bookmark

Facebook Addict

I’ve been busy with work but one thing I don’t forget to do everyday is to check my Facebook account and play my favorite game applications there.

I’m super addictive with these games!

Cafe World

My Cafe – Food-2-Go

Hotel City

My Hotel - Comfort Zone

NightClub City

Social City

My City - Anquima Village

I spend hours in Facebook playing these games.

Play them now and check for yourself how you will be addictive to them like me.

Enjoy playing! =)

2009 UAAP Cheerdance Tickets Soldout!!!

UAAP will be having its Cheerdance Competition on September 13, 2009, Sunday, at Araneta Coliseum. I was able to watch it last year by meeting a student from FEU and   buying 5 General Admission tickets from him twice the price. Of course, I would love to watch the event this year. Japsy and I went to Ticketnet to check if there are still available tickets but they were already SOLDOUT!!!

I was not surprised at all. It always happens. The demand for tickets increases days before the event. Japsy’s brother from UST also informed us that there are no available tickets for us anymore.  Too sad but it’s okay.

While I was checking my blog entry on 2008 UAAP Cheerdance tickets, the comments caught my attention:

Here they go again…people taking advantage   of the others’ needs. They might be students or scalpers selling tickets twice or thrice the price. If you are that desperate, you would really grab their offer. It was 2007 when a scalper offered us some tickets for higher price but we didn’t buy it. Scalping is an illegal activity and we were able to witness that time when the police caught the scalpers in the vicinity of Araneta Coliseum.

If you are still looking for tickets, you’ll be lucky enough to find and buy some through website forums, meet students who are selling their extra tickets or negotiate with a scalper (this is not an advisable thing to do). There are also websites or blogs where bidding for tickets happens. Check out LJDiaz’s website:

I really enjoy watching the UAAP Cheerdance Competition inside the Araneta Coliseum because you will feel the excitement of the students  cheering for their   schools, and the eagerness of the teams to win. I don’t think I will be able to watch it this year because I still don’t have the tickets but I can watch the TV coverage in Studio 23.

Goodluck to all the schools!!!


Let’s Go Shopping!!!

Women love shopping!
Women loves clothes!
Women shop for clothes.
Nowadays, women are too busy with their careers that they don’t even have time to go to the malls and shops. For them who are making it big in the corporate world, shopping in the malls is such a big hassle. We all know that women spend a lot of their time when they buy clothes so shopping is not as simple as dropping by in the mall for minutes and simply buying the things that they like. Shopping for women is spending hours and money for everything that they want. That’s why some men prefer not to join women while shopping because men definitely know how long it will take before they finally finish their shopping. When I shop, I just don’t buy the first clothes that I see. I roam around before buying anything because I might find a better one, but what if you’re one of those busy career woman who has no enough time to go to the mall and shop?

No problemo!

We live in a world where internet is widely used worldwide. Internet has been a big help to people that it can be used even for shopping? Yes it is! It is called online shopping. Isn’t it great? This is hassle-free because you don’t need to go to the malls anymore and join the crowd to shop. I was surfing the net last night and saw the latest trends of clothes for women in ShopWiki. I find the website interesting and helpful especially for women clothes in style. I’m really a bag-oholic, also saw their bags for women. I love their bags! If you’re also looking for sandals, you’ll love their different designs of sandals for women.

Shopping will never be as easy as shopping in ShopWiki because anything and everything are for sale in there! I’ll be shopping clothes, bags and sandals for myself too. No more hassles, shop now! Enjoy shopping! I know you will. =)


Check This Out: Condomi Paper Bags

I was listening to Magic 89.9 radio show, Good Times with Mo, Mojo and Grace Lee, this morning. DJ Mo mentioned about this erotic shop in Germany named Condomi which provides unique and humorous paper bags to its buyers. Mojo and Grace Lee screamed and laughed on air when Mo showed them the paper bags. Me being curious, I searched the images of the Condomi paper bags in Google:



The erotic store printed the barely bottoms of men and women in their bags, with the handle cut out directly in the crotch area of the image. Anyone seeing a person carrying the bag will think that he/she is doing some sexual act.


This is good marketing strategy for Condomi because their paper bags are attracting more attention in the streets driving more people to buy in their store.


I won P500 GIFT CERTIFICATE (Starbucks or Coffee Bean) from MANILENIO!!!

I love joining online promos! For me, there’s no harm in trying and joining those. I’d love to win but if I don’t, it’s okay with me. I just join for the prize and fun. I’ve already won concert tickets from Ticketnet. I’ve also won an invite in Chicane’s concert in World Trade Center given by Nokia but I was not able to come in the event.

Last September 20, I joined Manilenio‘s contest and made a blog post in Multiply:

Win STARBUCKS Gift Certificates!!!

to win Starbucks gift certificate. I waited for the results but I didn’t win in that week.

Not lucky enough!

I lose the interest of winning the GC even though the administrator announced that participants who has already joined could still win the contest.

Manilenio posted the winner of the gift certificate (Starbucks or Coffee Bean) for the 3rd week yesterday and I was surprised to see my name there!

I’m so damn lucky!


Thanks Manilenio for appreciating my blog post entry and choosing me as your winner!!! 


Enjoy Blogging and Earn Money in MyLot!!!

Since I love blogging and sharing interest with different people, my friend decided to invite me in MyLot.

MyLot offers you a new internet experience. It has the latest discussions, news and blog postings in many different interests of your choice. You can talk about anything and everything under the sun and earn extra money everytime you use MyLot in joining discussions or referring friends to join.

I’ve already registered today.

I hope to gain more friends in MyLot and enjoy the whole experience.

Here’s my myLot User Profile

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