Win Style and Soul’s 2012 Welcome Giveaway!!!

As I was checking blogs online, I saw this blog in the name of Style and Soul. While reading her posts, I discovered that she’s giving away items and prepared 2 packages for her readers. The good thing is the contest is open to local and international readers. Here are the prizes:


1. Printed camera satchel from Izzo Shop

2. Reversible printed-denim shoulder bag from Fab Manila

3. Apparels (4): Gray polo shirt from RegattaHang Ten‘s light brown blouse with peter pan collar, basic black top and orange pleated skirt from Closet Chic

4. Fragrances from Jimmy ChooNina Ricci Elixir and Paco Rabanne (for men) from Prestige Brands Philippines

5. Beauty package: Skin Food bath gel, Nivea facial foam, Lay Bare soothing cream, L’oreal hair care sachets, Human Nature‘s hand and foot salve

6. Trinkets: Hang Ten handkerchief,  Izzo Shop‘s  brown camera strap, Solo tag necklace, Diva feather earrings,  Ashley’s cup cake lip balm / keychain

7. Globe Tattoo stick


1. Purses: Gadgets organizer from Fab Manila, coin purse from  Izzo Shop , Proactive kit

2. Fragrance samples from Gap Core, Moschino Forever, Paris Hilton, Carolina Herrera VIP menBond No. 9 bons (all from Prestige Brands), Poseidon scent with HaKen body butter from Posh Nails

3. Accessories: Tomato watch, Accessorize sun glasses and scarf

4. Apparels (7): Sheer top from Shop Dainty, 2 tops from Closet Chic, 2 ETC shirts, Belle York sleeveless top with peter pan collar and  Hang Ten tee

5. Other items: ETC Glee notebook and tag, Multiply notebook and pens

To join the contest, read the mechanics at Style and Soul’s 2012 Welcome Giveaway! The contest will end on January 7, 2012. Join now!!! 🙂Share/Bookmark


Right now, I am working as a Recruitment & Marketing Manager in an employment agency, DNR Human Resource and Development  Inc. (DNR HRD Inc.).

We are currently looking for the following:

– C/C++ Developers
– JAVA/J2EE/J2SE Developers

– Software Test Engineers

– iPhone Mobile Application Developers

– Scrum Master

– Technical Writers

– PHP Developers

– VB.NET Developers

– C#.NET Developers
– ASP.NET Developers
– INFORMIX Developers
– MS SQL Developers
– ORACLE PL/SQL Developers
– COBOL/400 Developers
– LOTUS NOTES Developers
– MS SQL Database Administrators
– ORACLE Database Administrators

Share these job opportunities to others or refer your friends. Qualified and interested applicants may submit their resume at

Starbucks Planner 2009: Selling Like Hotcakes!!!

starbucksStarbucks usually starts its promo sticker cards during November of every year. As part of the promo, you have to collect 16 stickers by purchasing a beverage and other products, and get a Starbucks planner for free upon the completion. I was not able to get the planner in 2008 because I gave my sticker card to Kat’s cousin. I have seen the Starbucks planner 2008 and I loved the design. I decided to collect stickers last November to get the Starbucks planner for 2009 because I know that Starbucks will be producing a well-designed planner again. I have completed my sticker card last year with the help of some friends and office mates. My office mate asked me a favor to buy a tumbler as an exchange gift for our Christmas party, so I went to Starbucks in Trinoma where I also saw the Starbucks planner for 2009 for the first time:


I didn’t like the design that much but it’s okay. I loved the idea of it having 3 colors: red, black blue. Starbucks planner for this year looks more simple and professional compared to the Starbucks planner in 2008 which is more artsy and stylish:


I completed my sticker card in Starbucks, SM Fairview last December 25, 2008. I rushed to Starbucks the next day only to find out that there’s no more planner left for me. Out-of-stock!!! So I tried other Starbucks branches: SM Megamall, Shangrila, Podium, Trinoma – still haven’t got one. Starbucks informed their customers that the next arrival of planners is January 16, 2009. Me and my family went to Robinson’s Manila last January 18, 2009, to eat and relax a bit. I passed by a Starbucks there to get my planner but it’s out-of-stock again!!! So the attendant told me that if I really want to get the planner, I should make a reservation and give my contact no. for them to inform me the availability of the planner. I was also able to get the free drink coupon on that day where you can get a free drink of any beverage of any size.

I received a text from Starbucks, Robinson’s Manila, last January 20, 2009:

“Dear Sir/Maam. Thank you for making this year’s planner promotion a success. Due to the overwhelming response, we have unexpectedly experienced a shortage of planners. We have placed another order to arrive by March 20. We apologize for the delay and as a token of our appreciation and your understanding, we will be including a Starbucks bag with your reserved planner. We sincerely apologize and thank you for your continued patronage and understanding. – Starbucks Robinson’s Place”

From January 16 to March 20?? I availed my free drink, Chocolate Cream Chip (Venti), that day.

FYI: I found out from the attendant that the kind of bag that Starbucks will be giving with the planner is a body bag.

Honestly, it’s okay with me to get the planner late and not use it since I’m enjoying using my Cosmo’s 2009 Date Book now, but for others…it’s not. What if they really want to use the planner but still haven’t got one up to now? This might irritate others because they will be using their Starbucks planner in March if they get one. =) Don’t worry guys, there’s another freebie included, be one of those who will be using the Starbucks body bag exclusively.


Check This Out: Condomi Paper Bags

I was listening to Magic 89.9 radio show, Good Times with Mo, Mojo and Grace Lee, this morning. DJ Mo mentioned about this erotic shop in Germany named Condomi which provides unique and humorous paper bags to its buyers. Mojo and Grace Lee screamed and laughed on air when Mo showed them the paper bags. Me being curious, I searched the images of the Condomi paper bags in Google:



The erotic store printed the barely bottoms of men and women in their bags, with the handle cut out directly in the crotch area of the image. Anyone seeing a person carrying the bag will think that he/she is doing some sexual act.


This is good marketing strategy for Condomi because their paper bags are attracting more attention in the streets driving more people to buy in their store.





Women love collecting bags!

If you are one of the bag-oholics, this is for you!

Handbag Planet
will be launching
their website this
October 15, 2008.

They are giving away
These handbags are really trendy and in high fashion inspired by popular designer brands.

They cost $30 and $80
but you can have them for free if you
SIGN UP now at

Handbag Planet
and from there you can choose the handbag that you would like to win.
No shipping/handling fees or credit card required!

Owning a handbag for free is easy, sign up now!


Win STARBUCKS Gift Certificates!!!

Are you a Starbucks addict?

Want to drink one of those frappes for free?

Of course, we all love freebies!

Manilenio, a known Filipino urbanite’s web resource on technology, food, travel, events, movies, business and finance, is giving away Starbucks Gift Certificates!!!

Can’t wait to be one of those lucky winners? Here’s how:

1. Log in to your multiply account and add us as a friend. Our multiply page is – Sign up here if you don’t have an account yet.

2. Create a blog post about our free coffee contest in your multiply account.

3. Link to this page in your blog post.

4. Publish your blog. Make sure it can be viewed by your friends and contacts.

5. Drop a mail to with a link to your blog post.

6. Weekly deadline would be at 12 midnight Philippine time every Friday.

7. We will select the best blog post based on content and adherence to these instructions.

8. The winner of the week will be announced every Monday.

9. This contest is open to Philippine residents only.

What are you waiting for???

Join now and see you in Starbucks!!!


I join online promos or contests if I want to but I believed that I’m not that lucky when it comes to those things until this morning when Mr. Jose Bigornia, Creative Head of the Araneta Group, e-mailed me that I was chosen as the lucky TicketNet registrant of the month (July) and I won two (2) tickets to the AL JARREAU & GEORGE BENSON concert to be held on September 8 at the Big Dome. When I went to Ticketnet’s website, I even saw my name there displayed.

As far as I remember, I registered in Ticketnet a month ago. I saw the post of its promo in Boy Kuripot’s blog in I was really surprised and happy that I was chosen and given free tickets. I’ll be enjoying this concert of jazz music from Al Jarreau & George Benson.

If you want to win tickets like I did, register at

Thanks Ticketnet!!!


Get a FREE UMobile Sim Card for YOU!!!

You read it right! It’s a FREE simcard by UMobile with P100 FREE load! How?? Read this:


– Philippine resident
– 15 to 35 years old

What UMobile?

– it is an ad-funded mobile service in Asia
“find brands that sponsor your load so that you can text, call and surf the web at no cost to you as well as earn rewards, freebies and discounts”
– sends ads, freebies, promos, etc. that are based on your interests (which means you will find ads that are useful)


What are the benefits?

FREE UMobile Sim card and FREE delivery – from June to August 2008
FREE P100 load!
– Cheaper SMS/MMS (Proposed Rates)
ü to ü P0.15
ü to other networks P0.75

ISMS P8.00

ü to ü P0.50

IMMS P15.00

– Mobile Internet Rates (Proposed Rates)
Data rate P10.00/30 minutes

Why should I get one?

 – Just read all the benefits above
– You get Ad-funded services (customers can call, text and surf for free because a certain brand or company has sponsored his usage)
– All approved applicants from June 1, 2008 to August 31, 2008 will receive P100 Prepaid load per month for the 1st 6 months”

How do I get one?

1. Make sure you are 15 to 35 years of age
2. You have to be invited to get yourself an “invite code”
3. You can get invite codes from me! (since I already am a member)
Email me your name, cellphone number, and email at (1st 10 only!)
4. Or you can post your email address by commenting in this blog and I will do the rest!
5. After you get the “invite code” log-in to UMobile and follow instructions
6. Wait for the delivery of your FREE UMobile Sim card

For more information, log-in to UMobile at

Since I’m not always staying at home, it was delivered to me four times in our house and I need to make an authorization letter for my mother to get the sim card. I’ve already received my own UMobile sim and been using it to text and call my friends, even surf in my phone!

Don’t waste your time of having your own sim with FREE P100 load for 6 months, message me!