A Happy Resignation

I’m happy to say that finally I have resigned from Molave Internet Solutions last April 17, 2009. I have been there as a Creative Writer – Web Marketing Assistant for almost 3 years. It was a right decision made by me.
I just felt sad that I had to leave friends there.
I’ll be missing them but it’s okay because I’ll be seeing them during our badminton session every Saturday.

A week before I resigned while doing my resignation letter, I saw this and it really made me laugh:

Funny right?

Fortunately, I already got a new job as a Directory Listing Associate in an outsourcing company in Eastwood Libis. Great blessing for me! I’ll be starting on May 5.
I have attended our orientation and met my new office mates. One important thing assured to us by the company – a fun and healthy workplace that we will enjoy.



One thought on “A Happy Resignation

  1. Hi. I’m actually searching other information about Molave Internet Solutions for I applied last week but haven’t scheduled for an interview. Is it ok if you will share some about the company? We’re really looking forward to be part of the team. Thank you. Good luck to your new job! God bless.

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