Are You Crazy About Nuts?

I love eating nuts. I used to eat nuts during reviews when I was in high school and college because I can bring it along with me easily and eat it anytime and anywhere. Nuts is also considered as food for the brain, that’s what I believed.

I have read in Reader’s Digest:

“Nuts is also a health food for the heart. There was a study made in Harvard Medical School showing that men who ate a couple of handfuls of nuts each week have a lower risk of sudden death due to cardiac arrest compared to those who ate less often.”

Do you know why nuts is so healthy for the heart? Because of its high saturated fats, magnesium and vitamin E.

TRIVIA: Munching nuts may also help protect against dementia.

Dementia is a non-specific illness syndrome where higher mental functions are affected. Affected persons may not know what day of the week, month or year, not know where they are or even not know who they are. (Wikipedia)

Scientists even found out that people with a diet rich in foods containing vitamin E has less chance of developing Alzheimer’s disease, also a form of dementia.

That what nuts can do!

I still continue eating nuts but the weird thing about me: I don’t eat nuts when mixed in chocolates, ice-creams, even brownies. I don’t buy chocolate bars with nuts. It should be plain chocolate. I don’t buy ice-cream with nuts because I don’t feel like separating the nuts from the ice-cream. I love eating brownies from KFC, the one with chocolate bits and nuts. Since it’s small, I find it tolerable to separate the nuts then eat the brownies afterwards. =)

Crazy about nuts?



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