A House, A Home

I used to live in a big house when I was a child. My parents sold our house because of some financial difficulties. We transferred to my grandmother’s house. I grew up there with my relatives. Many years ago, our house was caught in fire leaving us nothing but ashes. We were able to rebuild our house and stayed there. It’s not easy living in a house that is not ours. From then on, I promised to myself that I will study hard and strive harder so that we can have a house of our own. I want to do this for my mother. It’s not that I don’t want to live with our relatives, it’s just that I want a house that we can call our own, that belongs to us.

What is my dream house? I want to have a two-storey house with four (4) rooms and two (2) bathrooms. The first floor of the house includes the living, dining and kitchen area. The rooms are located on the second floor. The house should be well-ventilated. Home lighting is important to me because I don’t want my house to be dark. So it should have light fixtures like lamps and chandeliers to brighten up and show the beauty of the house and its decorations. Bathroom is one of my favorite part of the house, so a functional and stylish bathroom with colorful designs is what I desire to have. Of course, I want to have high-quality appliances inside the house for us to use. This is my dream house.

I’ve always wanted to have a house of our own for my family. A house is very important for all of us because it’s where we live.

For me, “the main purpose of a house is to make it a home”.

For now, I’m just describing my dream house and in time, I know that I will be able have it and make it a home with my family.


Occupational Health and Safety is Important

I have noticed that many of my co-workers have been absent in the office this last few days. Sick? Stressed? I think so. They have been concentrating too much at work that they forgot to give some concerns on their health. I have read that companies are having problems in sustaining talented workers, also include the stress that the remaining workers experience in the workplace. Many workers claim that stress has a big impact on them, also to the economy and enterprises, as this condition continues to rise. Nowadays, many people who tend to be workaholics increases. Some suffer mental illnesses while others suffer from depression. I couldn’t believe that many people prefer to work too much that they forget their health and safety. Yes, they have the riches that they want but they couldn’t bring those money to their deaths. In a workplace where workaholism appears, everyone is fighting or even dying to work to be paid with the high salary they are asking for.

A worker is very important in one’s workplace so the companies should learn from their mistakes and be responsible to their workers. I’ve been working for two years in a company and I also witness my co-workers difficulties. Some concentrates on overwork affecting their productivity at work, family relationship and personal health. Some of them ended up resigning under workplace health and safety guidelines. I’ve been working so hard all day too but sometimes I take vacation leave to relax a bit. In all these, I believe that employers should ensure the health and safety of all workers by offering risk management in the workplace. It is their obligation to the workers. Be it emotionally, mentally or physically. They should take it seriously or suffer the penalties.

The said issues are part of the occupational health and safety of the workers. What is occupational health and safety? It is an important area which concerns the health, protection, safety and welfare of people employed in a company. If employers are having problems in managing their business, they can outsource firms which specializes with occupational health and safety, risk and workers compensation. These firms can do the management of the business for them. In this case, they can concentrate with the goals of their business and ensure that everything will be in the right place.