“Senti Mode”

I’m on my senti mode the other day that I was able to compose this poem


Why do people hurt you?
Why do they lie?
Why do they say you have no right?
When they let you into their life.

Why do people love?
Why do they leave?
Why do they become sad?
When you want them to be happy with you all their life.

Why do they let you love them?
Why do you let them love you too?
Why do they leave you?
When you don’t want to leave them too.

why do people get hurt?
Why do they feel the pain?
Why do they fool you?
When they are supposed to be loving you.

Why do they make you cry?
Why do they take you for granted?
Why do they say goodbye?
When you don’t have the reasons why.

Why do people continue to love?
Why do they love to love?
Why do they long to be loved?
When you’re loving them too much.



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