Chowking Halu-Halo & Razon’s Halu-Halo

Chowking’s Halu-Halo

I love eating halu-halo because it’s very delicious and refreshing. I always eat halu-halo in Chowking. I really love the taste of their halu-halo. Try their Half Dozen halu-halo for the price of P29.

Since I love trying something new to eat, I tried eating halu-halo in Razon’s Robinson’s Manila. Razon’s is the pride of Guagua, Pampanga. It is known for it’s halu-halo and pansit luglug.


Razon’s Halu-Halo

Razon’s halu-halo really taste the same as Chowking’s halu-halo. Is Chowking getting their halu-halo from Razon’s? Even though both have the same taste, I can say that Chowking’s halu-halo taste even creamier and better than Razon’s because Chowking put more milk and other ingredients (nata de coco, banana, leche plan, ube, buko, etc.) making it more delicious. You can buy Razon’s halu-halo for P73.



4 thoughts on “Chowking Halu-Halo & Razon’s Halu-Halo

  1. great halo-halo review. 😀 but if if you’d observe closely, Razon’s doesn’t use ordinary evaporated milk. they use carabao milk. 🙂 that’s why it’s less fluffier and its color is quite darker. the ice shavings also differ, Razon’s is finer.

    i agree that ChowKing does offer more with all the ingredients. but i do believe that quality is much more worthwhile than quantity. haha. i vote for Razon’s halo-halo.

  2. Sobra naman bilib ng Razon sa Halo-Halo niya! P73++ Ang dami masasarap na halo-halo sa tondo P25 lng. I’d rather go to Chowking P29 than Razon..

    Well ang pinoy mahilig bumili ng mahal.. hehehehehe

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