Water Fun to the Highest Level!

I did enjoy my summer going to beaches and resorts! It’s totally fun and relaxing getting sunburn. I don’t care about sunburn! =) As long as I enjoy every trip with people close to me.

 Dakila Beach Resort (San Juan, Batangas)  

This was part of Sitel‘s team building. I went along with Kat and her office mates. Good thing I was allowed to join with them. =) We ended up in this resort because the other resorts were fully-booked. We were really irritated because we got lost on our way to San Juan, Batangas. Our cottage (made of bamboo) is really relaxing. I enjoyed preparing and eating our dinner in a banana leaf – grilled bangus and pork, itlog na maalat, fresh fruits. We spent the night drinking beers and swimming. We enjoyed the sea and the heat of the sun the next day!

9 Waves (San Mateo, Rizal)

This was the despedida of Kat’s brother who will go back to Africa to work again for UNICEF. It was my first time to go in 9 Waves. It’s not that expensive and facilities were okay. We went there in the weekend that the resort was occupied with so many people. I love its beach entrance and the wave pool. I did enjoy this Olympic size ocean stimulator performing different wave patterns. I noticed that the resort ensures the safety of everyone because there are many lifeguards around. I love it and I’m planning to go back there to celebrate my birthday with my family.

Rio Villa Nuevo Resort (Indang, Cavite)

This was the summer outing of our clan, CTU Inter-Active. We arrived in the resort by 11 p.m. because we got lost on our way there. It is not that accessible but I can say that it was really worth it to visit. I like the resort because it is really nature-friendly and relaxing, also include the 11 swimming pools the resort have. Since it is a mineral spring resort, the water is flowing, fresh, cold, refreshing and not irritating to the eyes. I’d like to go back in here if I have the time.

Nacua Resort (Calatagan, Batangas)




This was the despedida of Kat’s sister after taking vacation for 5 months in the Philippines. Ate Carol will go back to London to continue working as a nurse there. We also celebrated Carl’s (Ate Carol’s son) birthday there. It was just a simple celebration. What I’ll never forget was when Kat and I took time to blow the balloons for the birthday celebrant. I love this resort because it is really relaxing! It’s has a swimming pool, beach and fishing area. The rooms are clean and well-ventilated. We didn’t enjoy the beach that much. We also collected so many star fishes in the beach. If you want to relax, I advise you to visit this place.

Megan’s Resort (Pundaquit, Zambales)

This was our company outing for 2 days in Zambales. It was more fun compared to our outings in Laguna and Batangas last year. All the employees have a great time bonding with each other – drinking beers, sleeping late, eating, singing in the videoke, taking pictures, nature tripping, island hopping. Absolutely fun!!! What can I say about the resort? Simple, not that big. What I didn’t like in it was there were so many flies roaming around the cottages. The rooms were ventilated. Just don’t mention the delay of the resort’s staff in cleaning the rooms and giving us the right keys for our comfort room. We may have suffered from stomach problems during that time, also include the nonsense confrontation with someone, but it didn’t matter that much because we decided to make sure that we will enjoy the outing and WE DID! =) I love to go back to Capones and Anawangin islands!


7 thoughts on “Water Fun to the Highest Level!

  1. Hey friend, It seems that you’ve had many moments of fun. Good for you.
    Your pics look like very natural and full of happiness. 🙂
    I would like to be right now on vacation. I love the see and I will consider a couple of the places you mencioned in your blog for the next time.

  2. just wanna ask about rio villa nuevo resort. the pix were great. we wud like to ask some details regarding rio villa, how much the cottage? entrance fee? hope to hear from u.

    thank you very much!


  3. Jehan de Guzman> I couldn’t remember the exact price for the entrance fee and cottage but it’s not that expensive. Try looking for their contact # online and call them.

  4. salamat po s pag-visit nyo s Rio Villa Nuevo!U
    God Bless!

    Jehan de Guzman>P130 lng po entrance fee, P250 table.
    Just call (046) 4150034 for more info.



    ENTRANCE FEE effective april 1, 2009

    adult 130
    children 70

    for more inquiries about the cottages and other accommodations you can contact us at (046) 415-00-34

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