What’s With My Day?!

I didn’t go to office today because I was suffering from my gastric problem. I knew that I won’t be able to concentrate in my work because of the pain. I decided to take my medicine (Prevacid) and slept all day. I didn’t feel like eating rice for my meal. I’d like to eat Gardenia Chocolate but it’s not available in the grocery and 7-11. I’ve been looking for it the grocery, Robinson’s Mla, last Sunday … even in MiniStop last Monday. I get addicted to it the first time I taste it but I didn’t like it the first time I saw it because I thought that the small chocolate chips in the bread are raisins until I tasted it. Unluckily, I was not able to eat it today after 3 days of craving it. So I just eat donuts and hotdog sandwich that I bought in 7-11.

I get irritated more when I heard in the evening news that the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) permitted the P0.50 provisional fare increase effective tomorrow in Metro Manila, Region 3 and Region 4:


Jeep from P7.50 to P8.00

 Ordinary Bus from P8.00 to P9.00

Air-Conditioned Bus from P10.00 to P11.50

The provincial buses of Region 3 and Region 4 will increase by P0.10 while P0.25 for their air-conditioned buses.

What duh??!!

With all the increase of the food prices, gasoline, and fare, what will happen to the Filipinos?? On the other side, this fare hike will be of big help to all transport drivers.

Goodluck Juan dela Cruz!

On the positive side, I heard another news that will make Hello Kitty lovers happy. Hello Kitty is now Japan’s tourism ambassador. After being considered pop culture icon, , Hello Kitty will now represents Japan in Asia to attract more tourists to the country. Many of my friends will be happier if Hello Kitty will visit the Philippines. Why not?? =)

That’s all for today … ciao! =)



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