My iPod, My Movies

Last week, I decided to put some movies in my iPod video. I love watching movies! I’d like to watch these movies especially if I get bored in the middle of the traffic:

License to Wed (Robin Williams, Mandy Moore) – This is a comedy with a touch of politics and religion movie. I’m interested to watch it because of Robin Williams. I really like him when it comes to acting.

Man of the Year (Robin Williams) – It’s Robin Williams’ movie again! He is a host who runs for Presidency and wins because of some error in the computerized voting system. I have watch the trailer of this movie before and I got interested in his comedic character.

Monster-in-Law (Jennifer Lopez, Jane Fonda) – A funny and romantic movie of a woman who finds the man of her dreams but struggles in dealing with her future mother-in-law.

Serendipity (John Cusack, Kate Beckinsale) – I have watched it many times and I’d love to watch it again and again. This is one of my favorite movies. Comedy, drama and romance in one. If you believe in fate, you’ll definitely love it.

50 First Dates (Adam Sandler, Drew Barrymore) – Also my fave movie! I love watching it again, again and again. Perfect, I love it!

Bruce Almighty (Jim Carrey) – One of the best movies that really make me laugh to death. I remember when I watched this movie with my officemate, he almost cried laughing. Thumbs up for Jim Carrey! If you want to relax a bit, watch it!

Stomp the Yard (Columbus Short, Ne-Yo) – After I have watched Step Up 2, I got more interested in watching dramatical and musical movies like this. Since I can’t dance, I’d like to see the characters in this movie doing their moves and competing. =)

American Pie Beta House – I have watched the other American Pie movie series. This movie will surely be more funnier and wilder!


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