Gemini-Sagittarius COMPATIBILITY

Airy Gemini and fiery Sagittarius will maintain an interest on a mental or intellectual level. Sagittarius has a sense of independence, great love for freedom, restrictions on that are not tolerable. Both signs are opposite. Gemini and Sagittarius are not demonstrative, have an immense touch of love, quick wit, are generous and cheerful. Gemini lacks in concentration and quick decision which Sagittarius has. Both are fashionable, fond of society and has no chance of separation.These two are at opposite ends of the celestial sky, so have everything to offer each other and are a very complementary combination.

It’s said that the sign opposite you contains everything you lust for and lack and that’s certainly true of this pair. Geminis belong to the sign of the lower mind, perfect for dealing with communications on a day-to-day basis. With Sagittarians, though, their brains have been broadened into a deeper and more profound path, towards philosophy and similar subjects. These Archers can think far beyond the realms of the Gemini and that’s the clue to the success of this couple. Sagittarius can make those glib Geminians sit up and take notice.The twins are so used to ruling the roost intellectually, and yet they would be delighted to discover a Sagittarius who knows more than they do. Once these two have met, they’ll set off on a voyage of mental discovery together. Even if they’re merely mates, this will be a marriage of minds.